Ireland AM Camera Club interviews Sharon Slowey of Pictorium Photoshop on Photo Restoration

IRELAND AM TV Interviews Sharon Slowey

Pictorium Photoshop gets a visit from Jenny McCarthy of Ireland AMs Camera Club to find out how we can breathe new life into old photos.

Take a peek inside the Gallery Shop in Monkstown and see where the magic happens.


Meet Sharon Slowey, the face behind Dublins’ Pictorium, and one of Irelands’ leading photo restoration, retouching and editing experts.

The walls are full of before and after shots of the pictures she’s restored…from faded and discoloured family heirlooms, to photo’s torn into pieces that she weaves back together like a jigsaw puzzle!

We get a look at the most challenging job she’s ever taken on…a photograph in so many pieces she thought it was scrap paper! You’ll be amazed how it turned out…

And its’ not only family pictures she restores – Sharon also works with historians, museums and genealogists. Her latest project is a Lithograph, one of the earliest forms of photography, dating back to the 1880’s!

So if you’re still in doubt as to whether your photos can be salvaged, don’t be.

Pictorium works with customers nationwide & internationally. Whether you come into the gallery shop or work together by phone / email / post you are guaranteed an unsurpassed experience.

Pictorium Photoshop – Bringing your photos back to life….

Inside our shop. Pictorium Photoshop, Monkstown Dublin. Full Service Photo Shop. Photo Restoration, Editing and Retouching. We Design and Print Photo Collages. Scan Photos, Slides, Negatives, Photo Albums. We print over 50 sizes of Canvas. Print large and small photos. Frames both readymade and bespoke/custom made photos
pictorium, monkstown, dublin

Pictorium is owned and managed by Sharon Slowey, who has over 25 years experience working with photographs, is an expert in digital post production techniques & has extensive graphic design experience.

Established in 2011, Pictorium has quickly established itself as as one of Irelands leading full service photo print shops. From photo restoration;  editing & retouching photos, personalised photo collages & bespoke art, through to photographic printing, printing onto canvas, & photo frames, we are definitely all about the photos!

We work with customers nationally and internationally.