Our Service

We have a motto in The Pictorium… “just the way you want it”

Amongst other things, like one-to-one personal service and making sure that you are 100% happy before we go to print, it also means that there are no hidden charges. The price quoted is the price you will be charged.

We do not charge extra for:

      • VAT @ 23% – some do not include the VAT on their prices making you think that you have got an amazing deal ONLY to add the VAT to your price at the very end!
      • Putting a personalised message onto your Canvas, Print
      • Wrapping the image around the Canvas
      • Printing onto 38mm spreader bars for canvas – this is the norm for us!

We are here to help so please contact us if you need any help or advice.

We work with customers nationwide on a daily basis via • Our ShopPhone • Email • Facebook • Post.