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Frame was beautiful and the whole package was an excellent price…. would highly recommend Pictorium to anyone.

Great service and lovely staff 🙂

Suzanne Doyle

Their first day of school… both exciting and nerve wracking at the same time!

You have spent months getting ready for your little ones big day and then the big day is upon you!

And then the moment arrives. You take the camera or your phone out and take those all important photos, for this once in a lifetime moment.

Back to School

You try on their uniform from last year and it does not fit. Oh my he has grown, he is starting to turn into a little man. You grab your camera/phone, you just have to have a photo of their first day back at school.

DONT leave them on your camera/phone… print them!

At Pictorium we have some wonderful ideas to display those photos.

Why not commemorate the day by putting up a beautiful photo / photo collage on your wall  on canvas or putting it into one of our stunning frames on your mantelpiece ?

Not completely happy with your photo?

We do understand how busy you are on the day. So don’t worry if there is something like an object or a person in the background that you did not want there – we will remove it.

  • Would you like to fix blemishes & imperfections?
  • Have you got a picture where the subject is spoilt by the background?
  • Would you like a person or object removed from the photo, or
  • Would you like to take a person from one photo and put them into another photo to make that family get together complete?

Just tell us what you would like us to do and we can do it for you. Click here to have a look at some photos that have been digitally enhanced

Print that special photo

Dont leave all those fantastic memories on your camera or phone…

What about finding and printing a special photo of her/him. Dont forget if you are not totally happy with your photo we are here to help. We can remove backgrounds, people etc. See above section “Not completely happy with your photo?”

We can print your photos onto a variety of media:

Photo Collages

You choose your photos of their special day and we will create the perfect photo collage for you.

Unlike other companies, we do not fit your photos into a template. We have specially designed “Chalk Boards” to put your message i.e Ellie’s 1st Day at School. September 2013″ and many other illustrations to add the extra special touch to your photo collage.

Our collages come in every shape, size and design and each one is unique, designed especially for you!

Then when you are entirely happy we will print it onto canvas, float frame, put it in one of out photo frames, or a poster print – just the way you want it. Click here for our Photo Collage Gallery.

Photo Presentation Mounts

Dont forget you have to print some copies of that special photo for Granny & Grandad. Dont forget about Aunty Susan & Uncle John.

Why not put them into a photo Presentation Strut Frame. They look so much more special to give as present.

  • The Pictorium will print & put them into a strut mount for you.
  • If you have a hard copy of your photo, bring it into us and we will scan it for you.
  • €5-€8 per photo print and €2.5-€4 for the strut mount – 6″x 4″-10 x 8″ – discount for multiple prints.

We are here to help so please contact us if you need any help advice choosing sizes, amount of photos etc.

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