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Pictorium – specialists in Small and Large Format Printing

Just wanna say thanks for printing that horse pic/text. Very happy with result. Great service.

Phil Plunkett

What Do We Print

Pictorium specialises in Photographic and Fine Art printing (Giclée).

Whether you are printing precious photographs (or photos we have restored for you) landscapes, posters, illustrations, collages or printing art …

…Pictorium’s Prints give you outstanding colour reproduction.

We use only the latest large format Printers, Epson’s UltraChrome Pro12 Inks with Professional Photographic and Fine Art papers. See our “Print, Ink & Paper” section further down for more in-depth details.


File Formats

From Mobile Phones, Cameras, Laptops, iPads, USBs etc through to:

Scanning your Hard Copy, Slides, Negs, Newspaper etc., and yes directly from your Photo Albums too!

How To Get The Photos To Us

We work with customers nationwide on a daily basis via:

  • Appointments in our Shop (01) 284 6106
  • Drop & Go in our Shop
  • Phone & Email
  • Post

Click “READ MORE” below for full details on how to get the photos to us.


APPOINTMENTS Shop number is (01) 284 6106. We can scan and size the photo whilst you are in the shop. We do spend time with our customers and do not want to have you waiting (you are also very welcome to wait or Drop and Go).

EMAIL if in digital format please email.

DROP & GO Put your photo into an envelope along with your name and tel no and we will call you when we have your photo scanned in.

POSTAL ADDRESS If you post it to us, we will call you as soon as it arrives. We will then scan your photo and call you to discuss size etc.

Pictorium Photoshop
No 3 Monkstown Court
Monkstown Farm
Glenageary, Co. Dublin
A96 HK30

Tel +353 1 284 6106

We work with historians, museums, conservationists, genealogists, sports and social clubs, corporates and customers nationally and internationally.

Whether you come into the gallery shop or we work together by phone / email / post you are guaranteed an unrivalled experience.

Pictorium Photoshop… Bringing your photos to life

We are here to help so please contact us if you need any help or advice


Collect or Delivered Nationwide

You are very welcome to collect your new Canvas print or we are delighted to post them to you. We have specially made boxes for your Canvases to keep them protected so they arrive safely to you.

Printer, Ink & Papers

Nothing but the best will do when it comes to printing your precious photos, art and images. Below please find some information on our latest state-of-the-art technology: Printer, Inks & Papers. 

PRINTER Epson SureColour SC-P9500 (44″)

INKS  Epson’s UltraChrome Pro12 inkset, with K3 technology

PAPERS Lustre Pearl, Satin Matte & Canson Rag Fine Art Papers (Giclée printing)

Click “READ ABOUT OUR PRINTS” below down for more in-depth information.



PRINTER Epson SureColour SC-P9500 (44″)

We use only the latest technology… our brand new Epson SureColor SC-P9500 – Large Format 44” Printer. Our printer along with our inks and paper produce the finest photographic prints and fine art Giclée (French word pronounced zhee-klay) prints.

The SureColor SC-P9500 (44-inch) has been developed for photographers and artists who demand the highest print quality.

Advanced Printheads

The Epson designed, advanced printheads use up to 800 nozzles for each colour, to produce accurate dot placement. They combine high-speed production with quality, thanks to the μTFP12 printhead with 300dpi resolution and 12 channels. Images also benefit from smooth gradations and accurate texture reproduction.


For whom precision matters, Epson has raised the industry standard. With colour measurement, checking and correction technologies, users can work with more efficiency and greater confidence.

INKS  Epson’s UltraChrome Pro12

Choosing the correct inks to print and protect your images is so important.

These are Epsons latest generation of pigment ink with K3 technology providing a much wider tonal range. This means higher colour accuracy, greater subtlety and smoother gradations.

Outputting both black inks simultaneously, and includes orange, green and violet giving the user impressive colour accuracy with 99% Pantone coverage.

No matter what type of printing you are doing, Epson’s UltraChrome Pro12 inkset, with K3 technology Ink will give you quality unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Pigment inks v Dye Inks

If exposed daily to direct sunlight or bright indoor lights, dye inks may start to fade quickly. Pigment ink has a superior UV resistance and therefore is selected when many years of indoor use is required with little fading.

Lustre, Satin Matte & Fine Art

Whether you are looking for a lustre paper (slight tooth*/texture with satin finish), matt paper or our fine art paper for Giclée / Archival Pigment Prints, we have you covered.

We use Lustre and Satin Matte papers quite simply, because when framing photos behind glass, matte is the best choice.

Why not Gloss? If you put a glossy photo in a glass frame, the glare effectively doubles and makes viewing the image problematic. Glossy prints are more likely to attract fingerprints and to get scratches.

* Tooth –technical term which describes the surface/grain of the paper.

Pro Photo Lustre Paper 300gsm

This is the go to paper for professional Photographers. It is a white paper that is semi-gloss with a slight texture.

A premium white heavyweight, microporous coated, professional lustre photo paper. The coating is designed to achieve the maximum colour gamut for the highest quality using pigment ink.

Matte Professional Photographic Paper 260gsm

When you want all the quality of a Lustre paper without the texture and a full matt finish then our Matte is the paper for you.

A premium weight microporous coated, satin, bright white photo paper that’s ideal for producing stunning graphics in photo quality. The coating is designed to achieve the maximum colour gamut from printers using pigment ink.

Giclée* Fine Art Papers

Giclée simply put is a trifecta of a specialised high res printer, pigment inks and a fine art paper.

Our printer, pigment inks, fine art paper and produce the finest Giclée prints.

*Giclée (French word that means a spray or spurt of liquid – pronounced zhee-klay)

Canson ARCHES® Aquarelle Rag 310gsm

One of the world’s leading mould-made paper, Canson ARCHES® Aquarelle Rag 310gsm is a genuine 100% cotton rag paper that is almost indistinguishable from the Arches watercolour papers beloved by artists everywhere (Canson acquired Arches in 1976).

A rough-textured paper, it contains no optical brighteners (unlike Hahnemühle German Etching 310gsm thought the data sheet does say OBA is very low) and has a Wilhelm Imaging Research certification in excess of 67 years using Epson HDR Pigmented printers.

Approved by Epson as one of the best papers for their printers under the Epson Digigraphie quality program.

Canson Rag Photographique 310gsm

Canson Rag Photographique 310gsm is a wonderful 100% cotton rag paper with an almost totally smooth surface. A naturally white paper with a true white tone and is superb at rendering very fine detail which you might not automatically associate with such a paper. It produces stunning results for all Epson pigmented and dye-based printers working and is best suited for matte black ink.

It is very similar to Hahnemühle’s Photo Rag, which is apparently the most popular giclée paper in the world, but unlike the Hahnemühle, Canson’s version has no OBAs. It also has a wider gamut, which means it can produce a broader range of colours and tones.

Optical Brightners OBAs

At Pictorium we prefer to use fine art rag (cotton) papers that have no optical brightners.

WHY? Paper with optical brightners tends to loose their brightness over time thus dulling down the image. You will find that the paper will yellow over the years.

Rag Papers

Cotton rag, also known as rag paper, or simply “rag” is made using cotton linters or cotton from used cloth (rags) as the primary material. Cotton paper is superior in both strength and durability to wood pulp-based paper, which may contain high concentrations of acids, and also absorbs ink or toner better.

Archival Paper

Archival paper is a high-quality type of paper that is designed to be extremely durable and resistant to deterioration over time. Proper archival grade papers are typically made from high-quality, acid-free materials and are used for a variety of applications such as fine art prints, historically important documents, and other records that need to be preserved for a long period of time.




INCHES / CM6×4 / 15×107×5 / 18×138×6 / 20×159×7 / 23×18
10×8 / 25×20A4 / 12×8 / 30×2012×10 / 30×2514×11 / 36×28
A3 / 16×12 / 41×3018×14 / 46×3620×16 / 51×41A2 / 24×16 / 61×41

Supplied sizes are measured in inches & cm. Please note that cm equivalent are rounded up/down.