PHOTO EDITING - Remove/ Add People & Objects - Change Backgrounds

…deleting two sisters from the middle of the photo, to make it look like I was standing beside my friend… you’d never think they were there in the first place! I can’t wait to see my friends face when I give her the photo… Anne Walsh

Your photographs expertly edited & retouched from just €10

  • Would you like to take a person from one photo and put them into another photo to make that family get together complete?
  • Would you like a person or object removed from the photo?
  • Have you got a picture where the subject is spoilt by the background?
  • Did you leave your bag of groceries in the middle of the photo?
  • Two or more photographs can be combined into one composite picture. Backgrounds can be altered or completely replaced. Sections of the scene can be removed and replaced.

Editing and retouching photos for customers nationwide via • Our ShopPhone • Email • Facebook • Post.

We are here to help and would be delighted to offer expert advice and discuss your photos.